With an extensive clientele list, Christina Nguyen has built a strong reputation in the San Francisco Bay area- and she has the credentials to prove it. Christina provides a level of service, care and trust for her clients that go above and beyond the call of duty. A former dental assistant, Christina decided to pursue her passion in the nail industry over 30 years ago. Relocating to the Bay Area from New York, it didn’t take her long to realize that a good manicurist was hard to find.

She brings to her industry the highest standard of excellence regarding sanitizing and sterilization and throughout all of her nail service, her focus is to make sure the health of your natural nail is maintained and even improved. She continues to stay on top of her game by following the latest trends through continuing education and trade shows, specializing in Gel Manicures.

Let your hands and feet be attentively and professionally pampered…the most luxurious treatment unlike any other.

To schedule an appointment - (415) 419-4428

Hours of Service: Tuesday through Saturday

Evening appointments available